• Solutions to iPhone Cannot Connect to ApowerMirror
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    Hi can I mirror my iPhone 8 to iPad 7?

    It won’t connect at the moment.

    Help please 

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      • Sunny Alex :

        1.On your iPhone, head to "Settings">"Control Center">"Customize Controls">add "Screen Recording".

        mirror ipad 1.jpg

        2.Open the iPhone application and hit the M-shaped button at the bottom, it will detect available devices, then tap the name of your iPad.

        mirror ipad 2.jpg

        3.Go to Control Center, and press hard on "Record" button and select the name of "ApowerMirror". Afterwards tap the "Start Broadcast" to initiate streaming process.

        mirror ipad 3.jpg

        The instructions listed above may help. Thanks for your understanding!

      • 2020-06-10 03:00 Reply
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