• Any other sites like mp3boo?

    Any other sites like mp3boo?

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    Using MP3boo to download songs is great, but recently, there comes the problem. It only provides the option to download the whole album but it does not let me choose to download single songs flexibly. So I am looking for MP3boo alternatives that allow me to enjoy and download songs for free. Does anyone know?

    Any other sites like mp3boo?
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    MP3boo, a godsend to music enthusiasts, is a website where you can find released MP3 albums and download them to your computer without spending a dime. It’s simple to search and download your favorite songs or albums on it as users can browse through this website by genres or time period. Though it seems that MP3boo works great, there still exists some downsides.

    1. Irritating pops-ups and advertisement

    These unwanted pop-up ads on mp3boo.com appears each time you click an album which can be annoying. Besides, it also has the risks of damaging your computer system because those pop-ups may contain virus, spyware or malware.

    2. Files downloaded in zip/zar

    Here’s where it gets troublesome: songs downloaded from this websites are zip files, so you cannot play them unless you unzip them and enter the password “www.mp3boo.com”.

    3. No support for listening music online

    It gives you the ability to directly download songs from its websites, however, you cannot pre-listen the songs to check whether it’s what you want or just for enjoying online.

    Best Desktop alternative to MP3boo

    It’s true that streaming and downloading MP3 on web can save you the trouble of installing any programs to your computer, but it’s a little bit troublesome to open the webpage each time when using it. In this case, Streaming Audio Recorder would be the best option as it supports both single and batch downloads. It also can spare you the trouble of unzip the songs you have downloaded.

    This tool is a comprehensive audio recorder which would help to record audio for both computer system and microphone without any loss of quality. It can equally serve as audio converter, audio editor, CD burner and others. Similar to MP3boo, it supports to search for songs hosted on various sites. Besides, it features top 10 songs and albums together with download size for you. Unlike MP3boo, you can select the songs you would like to download in this album by marking them with check. Let’s take a quick look at how to use it.

    • Download and install the program on your computer then launch it.

    • Enter the key words of the song you’d like to download like artist, album, etc. then hit the “Search” icon.

    • Once done, you will see series of results. You need to click the download icon or tick desired music to add them to download list.

    • Wait for a while, the song will be saved on your hard drive.

    Websites similar to MP3boo

    Luckily, there is a great selection of sites like MP3boo for you to choose from. Check them after the jump.

    Apowersoft Free Video to MP3

    Free Video to MP3 is more than a platform to grab music for free. It also features as a sleek website for extracting audio from any web videos including YouTube, Vevo, Dailymotion and many others. And it’s likewise feasible to extract audio from local video file.

    Moreover, you will see music recommendation based on “Today’s Hottest”, “Always Popular” and “Latest Download”. Using it to download songs is fairly easy. Just type-in keywords such as artist, title or album in the search bar, then click “Convert” button and you will get related results.


    Included in the list of sites like mp3boo.com, MP3Raid is a search engine for uploading and downloading music on the web legally. In addition, you can listen to the songs online as well as downloading it to computer or sending ringtones to your smartphones. To grab songs, simply enter the name of album or the artist in the search bar and click “Go”, then related searching results will be displayed below the search bar.

    Any other handy tips we missed? Include them below!

    Any other sites like mp3boo?
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    MP3raid is decent, but I would replace it with the mp3boo itself! Excellent service for mp3 lovers!

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