• showmore capture not saved

    showmore capture not saved

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    i recorded a video conference and my laptop battery died. the conference had finished but there is no video file. the folder exists and it was capturing.

    showmore capture not saved
    Alice Wang
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    Dear user

    You can go to options from the control bar of ShowMore screen recorder, then hit the settings icon next to output directory. After that, you can hit to open the temporary folder to find your unsaved temp video and audio files. Next, you can launch the built-in video editor, add the temp video file to the video editor, then drop down audio menu of the added video and select “Add audio…”. Once it’s done, you can add the temp audio file and hit “Convert” button to recover this recording.



    If it still fails to work, you can open ShowMore screen recorder, hit the quotation mark on the toolbar, then check “Send log file” in the pop-up feedback window. Besides, you can also write down some details of this issue, and submit it.

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      • lucky1690.mummy :

        I have gone though the same steps but i found there only audio file i did not find any vidoe recorded could you please help me on that.

      • 2020-01-13 03:18 Reply
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      • lucky1690.mummy :

        i have gone though the same steps but i found only audio played there  I didn't find any video there.

        help me out on this.

      • 2020-01-13 03:59 Reply
    showmore capture not saved
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    I wanted to get back my unsaved session recorded , in temp folder i have seen only audio file and i did not understand which is video file there.

    could you please help me out.

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