• Sending Music file to an iPhone
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    Sending Music file to an iPhone

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    My wife’s iphone 5C is somehow not being recognized by iTunes. Her phone is in Japanese, so I can’t give you the exact error message, but it says something to the effect that the phone has reported that it cannot accept data. Maybe something about the handshake not being correct? She has almost 4GB of free space, so clearly there is something wrong. I was wondering if Phone Manager would allow her to load MP3 files from a folder on her computer to the iphone, bypassing iTunes.

    Sending Music file to an iPhone
    Ada Reed
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    Hi, Phone Manager requires that you need to sync your iPhone to iTunes for once. If you have never been able to connect your iPhone to iTunes, you may try another app called AirMore. Here’s a detailed guide for you: https://airmore.com/music-from-pc-to-iphone-6.html#airmore

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