• Screen recorder temporary directory
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    Screen recorder temporary directory

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    I am using Apowersoft online screen recorder. Few days ago I was recording a long lecture and my C drive got full (I have a smaller c drive and a bigger d drive) although the output directory was set to D.

    I guess that the program saves the file to drive C first and then moves it to it’s final destination.

    However, when disk C got full I got an error in the recording software. I freed some space on C and started recording again but I lost the first part of the lecture.

    Does anyone know where Apowersoft recorder keeps it’s “intermediate” files ? Where is it’s temporary directory ? Maybe the first part is still there and I can recover it ?

    Thank you


    Screen recorder temporary directory
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    Hi, if you want to find the recording that are saved due to unexpected accidents, maybe you can open the app and hit the options icon > hit the settings icon next to output directory and open the temporary folder.


    If you find both temp video and audio files of the recording in the folder. You can open our built-in video editor, then add the temp video, drop down audio option menu and select “Add audio…”.


    After that, you can click “Convert” to confirm.

    If your recording is corrupted, you can send the feedback with log file and your corrupted file to the support team. 

    Mine was fixed by the support team.?

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