• Screen Record – Poor Quality
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    Screen Record – Poor Quality

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    I have used the screen record before and have had good quality with the results.  I am trying to convert a PowerPoint Presentation into a video now by using the screen record function and the video quality is horrid.  Everything is blurred past the point of reading the slides.  I tried to change some of the settings to increase bit rate and frame rate but now it seems that the 3 minute video gets hung up during the apowersoft processing function.  It just sits there and says 0%.   Maybe the bit rate and frame rate are too high and my system cant handle it?  
    I am recording and processing to MP4 because that is the format I need to finish my work, but I am wondering if I recorded and processed as a wmv file or something, I could convert it to MP4 afterwards.  Any help you can provide is appreciated.  

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