• Scammed By Apowersoft


    Scammed By Apowersoft

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    I purchase Video Download Capture in 2013. Yesterday I tried to open the program and received a “trial version expired, buy the full version” popup which wouldn’t allow me to use the program I PURCHSAED. I contact apowersoft help and was told my product “expired” and was directed to a page to buy the product again. This is a scam defined. They sold me a product, disabled it, then demanded I buy it again.

    Scammed By Apowersoft


    This has happened to me…twice. The first time I purchased it, I was sure I’d done it outright but got a renewal.
    Thought I must have been mistaken so purchased it again and made sure I did it outright this time. Guess what? Yep, just got another renewal.
    Won’t fall for this scam again.

    Scammed By Apowersoft

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    I am having the same problem, I get the trial version has expired even though I purchased the lifetime version.  I have tried to download this program over 30 times with the same results.  

    Scammed By Apowersoft

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    Hi, all. Thanks a lot for purchasing our software. ?

    1. The old version is actually has no any time limitation. If you can find the old package, you might continue to use it. But we don’t provide technical support for the old version.

    2. We are always keeping on updating and improving our programs. The new version of the programs has many kinds of new features and a more elegant interface. Moreover, it is more stable and intuitive to use. Since we have spent so much efforts and expense on this project, we need to charge you for the new version. If you want to buy it, we can give you the price with 30% off. You may contact support@apowersoft.com for help.

    3. Also, you can continue to use the previous version after a few years. Or you might update it to the latest one.

    Scammed By Apowersoft

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    I have used the product for three months and it works great. I like downloading whole channels with a simple single copy and paste action. Its really one click operation.

    All billing has been fine. Sad to hear some users had issues many years ago, as for me it’s been timely and once a month so far.

      • Marilyn :

        Hi, thanks a lot for your feedback. 

      • 2019-07-14 22:45 Reply
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