• How Can I Save Contacts to SD Card?

    How Can I Save Contacts to SD Card?

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    I am a businessman and have thousands of contacts on my Samsung. I keep adding new contacts and files until my mobile reminds me that it’s running out of memory. Then I realize that I could transfer these contacts on a spacious external SD Card. It’s indeed a good solution, but I have no idea of how to do it. Does anyone know it? Thank you in advance.

    How Can I Save Contacts to SD Card?
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    Thank you for your question. Contacts are those data on our phone that we could not afford to lose. To find a good way to well save them is no doubt of a big necessity. To make it clear, I summarized the approaches below to address your question.

    1. Traditional Method to Store Your Contacts on SD Card

    To save your contacts on the external card, you need to insert a SD card into the memory slot (of course, the device may already be inserted). Then you need to find “Contacts” on the home screen. Touch the menu key to choose “Export/Import” and confirm to export before the phone move contacts to your external memory.

    Cons: such a traditional method is only an alternative approach, as it often requires several confirmations before you could succeed saving one. But don’t fret, there’s always a solution!

    2. Customized method to save contacts to SD card

    Apowersoft Phone Manager is a muti-functional mobile management software on the current market. It is famed as a professional Android SD card manager. You can use it to view and delete all the files stored on SD card, add new files to SD Card and so forth. Now follows steps below to export contacts to SD card.

    • Download this phone manager from below and install it on PC.
    • Run this program and connect your Android phone to PC through USB Cable.
    • Once connected, click “Files” column and find SD Card pane on the left side.

    • Tap on “New Folder” to create a new folder for storing the incoming contacts. Forward to clicking “Import” button, choose those contacts you want to transfer and confirm it by clicking “Open”. In this way, you can save contacts to SD card from computer just in a minute.

    Note: If your contacts are stored in the internal memory of your device, you need firstly move them to PC by going to “Contacts” column. Choose “Export” button to transfer contacts to PC and then repeat the steps above to finish transferring contacts to external storage.

    If the storage of your SD card is fully occupied, you can also use this phone manager to export files to computer for safe keeping. What’s more, this phone manager also enables you to manage, view, restrieve or backup mobile data such as messages, call logs, apps, songs, movies, wallpapers. With it, You can make one-stop management for both your SD card and even the entire device.

    Both methods mentioned above empower you to store contacts on SD card, but Apowersoft Phone Manager is high recommended when taking consideration of efficiency and convenience. Within this software, you can freely switch contacts from one device to another with ease.

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