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    Requested features!

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    1. Could we have GPU support for the Apowersoft Video Converter Studio. Nvidia & Cuda / AMD Graphics Card. (for faster conversion)

    2. VCD file extension support for file conversion. 

    3. Rendering number for files selector.

    4. About 120 – 240 fps conversion for slow motion. (1080p, 2K and 4K) 

    5. Trimming video via Chapter (Helpful when converting and taking out intro and ending credits on videos I want to convert for my iPhone). Aswell easier getting chapters on MKV files to convert to .mp4

    6. Import and Export via Apowersoft Phone Manager.  

    Requested features!
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    Hello, sorry for the late reply as we were having a long official holiday. We made a reply to you yesterday regarding the last two features via email. We want to know more details about them because the software supports to do such a thing at the moment. Maybe I missed something. The first 4 features you requested need to be evaluated by the marketing and technician team. We will seriously consider them. Thank you. 

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