• Request : Define the soundcard
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    Request : Define the soundcard

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    I have tried Sound Recorder for mac but I’m not entierelly satisfied.
    I find it lack an important features wich is the ability to specify the soundcard to record.
    This software is only able to record the current defined system soundcard and not another on, which Is a problem. If you play a youtube video or other thing during encoding, all sounds are recorded.
    I tried to redirect the sound of an application to record via audio hijack pro for exemple. I redirected it to Apowersoft_AudioDevice, and the sound recorded well, but there is another problem. Apowersoft Audio Recorder switches alone the system sound card to the current one, so back to zero.
    Unable to record only an app sound without recording all other apps’s sounds.

    Request : Define the soundcard
    Alice Wang
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    Dear user

    Sorry to disappoint you. It’s true that our program can only record all the sound that come via computer sound card, it cannot specify which sound card to record from. Anyway, thanks for your feedback,  we will forward your valuable suggestion to our product manager. Thx.

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