• REQUEST: Add Artist+Title into filename
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    REQUEST: Add Artist+Title into filename

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    1st of all, I like to compliment you guys with your program.
    It’s simply great!

    I’ve tried several others by now (Aktiv MP3 Recorder, Tunebite, Cinch Audio Recorder, Replay Music, iSkysoft iMusic, Keepvid Music) but all seem to have disadvantages, being buggy up to not working, up to missing trivial stuff when exporting/saving.

    One that does come close to Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder is Spotify Recorder.

    Pro’s of Apowersoft:
    Easier setup, translated in idk, 40(!?) languages, stable, lotsa of export/codec options, clean design, u can set the threshold of silence-detection to auto-cut.
    Cons of Apowersoft:
    Its not showing the artist + titlename in filename when exporting as wav, only title. Though it inserts that info + genre into the id3 of the wav, gets unstable/not showing recording when using FLAC as export.

    I’d like to have added Artist+Title into filename.
    I’ve made a little video (1:30 minute) to show you what happens in Apowersoft and how it’s done in Spotify Recorder:

    Perhaps you could take this example to feature in your next release?

    Keep up the good work.

    REQUEST: Add Artist+Title into filename
    Alice Wang
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    Dear snowseals

    Thanks for the useful suggestion and feedback you provided. We have forwarded this to our product manager, they will consider whether it’s necessary to add this feature in the future version.

    REQUEST: Add Artist+Title into filename
    Noel Pereda

    Sadly this software is giving me problems and it does not seem to work as advertised.. Flac recording not working and no id3 for the files. Need A LOT of work to comply with basic offer and / or be very clear with potential costumers!

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      • Alice Wang :

        Hi, Noel! Sorry for the issue, the FLAC file does not support adding ID3 tags. If you have any other issues, please contact us via our support email: support@apowersoft.com for quick help.

      • 2017-05-10 22:19 Reply
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