• Removing Security (password protection) from PDF

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    Removing Security (password protection) from PDF

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    the issue is a bit complicated but I’ll try to explain it as clearly as I can.
    have a few encrypted PDF files that I have received from a public
    institution. I know the password, can open the files but I can NOT
    remove the security. ApowerPDF
    says that the password is incorrect. OK, so apparently they set two
    DIFFERENT passwords for opening the document and for changing the
    security. I do not know the second one.
    I verified this possibility with ApowerPDF. I encrypted another document with two different passwords: one for opening, another one for changing security. It works fine.
    Till now everything is fine and understood.
    But I uploaded the encrypted documents (both, the original one and this encrypted with ApowerPDF for a test) to an on-line site (I can share its
    name if you wish) that removes security and… surprise! They removed
    both passwords! I had to give them only one password — the first one,
    this for opening the document. They NEITHER asked NOR needed the second
    one (which of course was different) in order to remove the whole
    You can verify it yourself.
    Can you explain it?
    The bottom line is, that having ApowerPDF, I still need to use an on-line site in order to remove security.

    Removing Security (password protection) from PDF

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    Hi, yes, you can tell me the name of that online site. But maybe because the technique is different (I am not sure yet), but generally, if you want to remove the permission password (which one you meant for changing), you need to know what it is. Hope this explains. If you have any other question, you can tell us or email to support@apowersoft.com

    Removing Security (password protection) from PDF

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    No, unfortunately it does not explain anything. I understand that I did not explain the problem clearly.
    So once again, You can do it yourself:
    1. Encrypt any PDF with ApowerPDF.
    1.1. Set a password for opening the document.
    1.2. Set another (different!!!) password for changing the permission settings
    1.3. Save the document
    2. Open the document with Adobe Acrobat Reader — it requires the first password.
    3. Open the document again with ApowerPDF — it requires the first password to open and the second password to change the security settings.
    Now, upload the document to http://smallpdf.com/unlock-pdf, provide the
    first and only (!) password, then download the unlocked document.
    It is unlocked entirely! It does not require any other password.

    Now, I hope that it explains the problem clearly. The password for changing the security settings is useless.

      • Cholaco :

        Hi, yes, thank you for your explanation for this situation and I will submit this to our team to try our best to find any possible solution, if there is any result, I will tell you or we will email you.

      • 2019-07-09 22:46 Reply
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