• How to remove timestamp from the converted video?
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    How to remove timestamp from the converted video?

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    Many people write to me and ask me how to remove the time stamp on the converted video. They said the original video has no such a time watermark on their video. This is because the software Video Converter Studio you used convert the video kept all data the video has. It is also very easy to remove the time stamp from the video. If you are using Video Converter Studio or other software like Video Download Capture which has subtitle function from us, there is only one more step to fix the problem before you press the “Convert” button.

    After you load your video to the software, drop down the subtitle toolbar track and select “None” from it and you can process with the file conversion.

    remove timestamp with vcs

    If you are not using our software and wonder a way remove timestamp from video, you will be interested in two other methods.

    1. Mosaic the timestamp

    One of the best method to hide the time is to add an mosaic over it. We have ApowerEdit available to add mosaic to video. It even has the ability to let you set the start and end time for the mosaic. But since it is a paid program, if you want freeware, you have to look for a suitable one in Google.

    2. Crop the video

    Another method to remove timestamp is to cut it out of the video. We know that the timestamp often locate at the bottom of the video. If fortunately your video is in the black bar area of the video, you can remove the black bar and make the video full screen.  It won’t damage the video at all.

    How to remove timestamp from the converted video?
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