• Recording Internet radio shows

    Recording Internet radio shows

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    I listen to internet radio shows, and would like to schedule recordings of them in my absence. Success here means being able to point to an Internet radio stream like that for broadcast station WGBH and record for, say, three hours (my longest show). I can’t find a way to add a stream like that to Streaming Audio Recorder, all I see is canned streams the app knows about. Unless I am missing something, this tool is unsuitable. Also, if I try any of the canned streams, all I get at this point is a recording that says, “Listen to this program on radionomy.com, or our free apps …”. Useless?

    Recording Internet radio shows
    Alice Wang
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    Hi, Rob! The Streaming Audio Recorder can start and finish recording automatically based on your scheduled tasks, but it cannot point to specific website, you have to open the page yourself. Here is a guide for you: https://www.apowersoft.com/faq/schedule-recording-internet-radio.html

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