• Recording BBC program on web

    Recording BBC program on web

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    I am trying to capture a small segment of a program being broadcast by the British Broadcasting Corporation (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0327z62). If I try it with Streaming Video Recorder off, it plays OK on my PC but if I switch the recorder on, the standard method records nothing and the advanced mode I get a message on the BBC page that plays the video – “There was a problem initialising the player. Script access is denied on your browser.”
    Looks as if the BBC has found a way to block your program!

    Recording BBC program on web
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    Hello, sorry about that, right now we cannot download video from this site, if you want to save the video on your local drive, you are suggested to use the built-in screen recording function. We will try to enhance our program in the near future. Thanks for your support and understanding.

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