• recorded videos disappearing
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    recorded videos disappearing

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    Hello –  I am encountering 3 problems

    1.  I am a registered user-owner of Apowersoft Mac Video Downloader.   When I open the software, I have a popup box that asks if I want to continue evaluating.  But there is no reason for this as I am a registered use.  

    2.  Next, when I download videos if I close and then re-open the software, those videos have disappeared. 

    3. When I download a video and try to convert to MP3 this function does not work at all.   

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

    recorded videos disappearing
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    Hello, sorry for the late reply. 

    1. Would you please tell us your email address which you used to purchase or the order number? We will check the status of your order. You can directly contact our support center.

    2. Please check the version of the software. We released a new version 2.0.4 a couple of days ago.  If you are not using the latest version, please remove it from your Mac and click the link to download the latest one to try again. 

    3. If you are having the latest version and the conversion issue still persists, please send us the video link which we will have a test on it. 

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