• How do you record a video on Tinychat?

    How do you record a video on Tinychat?

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    I’m trying to record Tinychat video, but I don’t see a recording button on Tinychat. I was wondering if Tinychat itself can record the chatting video, and if can not, do you know how to record? Thanks!

    How do you record a video on Tinychat?
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    Hello Ann! Tinychat is just a site where you can find chat rooms and unfortunately, it does not possess the function of recording videos. Since you want to record Tinychat video, a screen recorder is recommended for you to use. Below are the suggested screen recorders you may use to record a video.


    This is an online screen recorder. It does not need installation but it needs a Java plug-in order for it to be used. Actually, this is not hard to use. Just go to Screenr page and then click on “Record” button which can be found at the upper right part of the page. After clicking, just run the tool in your computer and then you may start the recording. On the other hand, you will need to register an account in using this tool. This is because all the videos taken using this tool will be saved in your registered account. Moreover, this tool can record audio from system sound and microphone but it can only record a video with the maximum of 5 minutes. So, if you will be recording a long conversation using this video, you will be obliged to cut the recordings every 5 minutes.

    Rylstim Screen Recorder

    This Tinychat video recording software is so easy to use. Just download the tool and launch it. After that, click on the “Start Recording” button which can be found at the middle part of the tool to start the recording. On the other hand, the option that it only has is to choose which mouse click you want to appear on the screen (right, left or both). Moreover, this tool can record audio from the system but it cannot record audio from the microphone.

    Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

    Just like the first solution, this tool is a free web-based screen recorder and it does not need any installation. Furthermore, this tool does not require any registration which is a little annoying for users. It can record both system sound and microphone and it actually produces high quality videos. You also have the option in choosing which part of the screen you want to record or you can as well record the entire screen if you wish to. Below are the simple steps on how to record Tinychat videos:

      Step 1: Go to Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder page.

      Step 2: Click on “Start Recording” button and run the tool in your PC (note that a Java plug-in is needed).

      Step 3: Once the tool is ready, drop down “Audio Input” to choose where to get the sound to be used in your video and “Record” to choose which part o the screen you will record.

      Step 4: Click on “Start” button to start the recording and then click on “Stop” once finished.

      Step 5: Watch the video you just recorded by clicking on “Play” button which is found at the lower part of the tool.

    In addition to this, you can also make use of Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro– the desktop version of the online one. Apart from having all the features of the online one, this tool has special features which can be useful to its users as well. This Pro version has a “Schedule Task” feature allowing users to preset the date and time of the recording. You can set the start, duration and end time and date of the recording of the video. The tool will then automatically start recording on the time and date given. Moreover, this also has an editing tool which is a big help in enhancing a video. You can add effect, subtitles and you can merge videos into one using this tool. Apart from that, Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro consists of a built-in converter which helps you convert file into different formats you like in order for the video to be compatible into other devices.

    Those are the screen recorders which I can recommend to record Tinychat videos. You can now save and record your video chat with friends and you may now watch them even if you do not have an internet connection as they are directly saved in your computer.

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