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    Charles Byer

    Record Streaming

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    How do I record a specific streaming station that is not one of the 50 presets?
    I want to record a specific show from KMNO radio that streams at Manaoradio.com every Sunday.

    Record Streaming
    Alice Wang
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    You can play the KMNO radio online, then click “Record” icon to record the shows manually.

    The recorded file will be saved to “Library”.

    1. Also, you are allowed to set schedule task for recording radio on every Sunday automatically.
    2. Click the “Schedule task” on the bottom of the main interface.
    3. Set the task time, tick “Daily” and choose “Sunday” in “Weekly”.
    4. Set the start time, duration or stop time according to your need.
    5. Click “Create” icon to save the task.

    On Sunday, play the radio online, when the scheduled time arrives, the software will start recording from Manaoradio.

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