• Record Screen with VLC

    Record Screen with VLC

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    Hello, it’s said that VLC media player can do some quick recording so I just installed it in my computer. But it seems not easy for me to use the screen recording function, so how can I record my computer screen with it? Plus, I want to record my facebook conversation, and can it record webcam videos? How? Any tutorial will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Record Screen with VLC
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    Hi, Masha! I am quite glad to answer your question.

    VLC media player is a free powerful player that is able to play every media file you throw at it. That’s why it has ever been touted as Swiss Army Knife of all media players. Not only that, this feisty player also has the capability to capture your desktop without difficulty.

    The following steps will show you how to record screen with VLC:

    1. Click on “Media”, then select “Open Capture Device”.

    2. You can set “Capture Device” to “Desktop”. You can also set higher frames you like, but 10- 15 fps will make fine recording videos.

    3.Click on “Record” button to start recording. You’d better minimize VLC window, or you will see an endless stream of VLC-inside-VLC windows!

    If you want to record webcam videos, you should select your webcam from the drop-down menu in “Video device name”. And select microphone in “Audio device name”. Then click “Play”.

    It is great to capture video with VLC. However, it has no more dedicated features for screen recording. You can only record your video in full screen rather than part of the screen. In addition, even a short length of recording will result in a large uncompressed video.

    Aside from recording screen with VLC, there’s another application also does a good job in screen recording. You may try Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro that can capture video and audio from your webcam and system microphone more effecitively.

    With Apowersoft Screen Recorder, you can configure settings in prior to recording what you need, such as the bitrate, frames rate, codec and so on. To know how to use this application, you can follow the instructions below.

    • configure recording settings in “Tools” > “Options” such as hotkeys, video format, etc.
    • Secondly, choose an audio source in “Audio input” (System sound, microphone or both).
    • Drop down “Record” menu to select a recording mode. You can choose “Region” then drag a certain region on your screen for recording.
    • When you have done with recording, press “Stop” button to finish recording, and the video will be saved in your disk.
    • You can click “Upload” button to upload the video to YouTube and FTP server instantly.

    It also empowers you to add webcam into desktop recording:

    1. You can choose one output resolution to record webcam. It’s so flexible that you can record webcam video in different size like 320×240, 640×480 and so on.

    2. In addition, if you want to record yourself to create picture-in-picture videos. Simply click webcam icon on the control bar to add yourself into the video with ease. If you have chosen full screen recording, you can press Ctrl + Alt + E (default hotkey) to activate the control bar.

    Moreover, the online version of this tool is also available, which is more convenient to use. Just go to the site of Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder then click the button of “Start Recording”. The web-based program will pop-up in few seconds.

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