• Any ways to record mouse movements?

    Any ways to record mouse movements?

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    I’m a game lover, sometimes I’m thinking about capturing videos on how to pass a certain level of the game, then share with my viewers as an achievement. There are lots of mouse actions which need to be recorded while playing games, so I am looking for an awesome tool to record my mouse clicks and play them back. I tried a lot of such software, but the output videos aren’t as great as I thought. Can anybody recommend a good free screen recorder? Thanks in advance.

    Any ways to record mouse movements?
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    As far as I know, most of screen recorders need paying money for an account. For example, Camtasia is a professional screen recorder that supports to capture your mouse actions, but it costs $299. It will be better if we find a free one, so I’ll suggest using Apowersoft Screen Recorder. It enables you to record your mouse activity and then replay it as many times as you want.

    Here I’ll show you two methods to record mouse movements:

    Method 1: Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

    Record mouse clicks

    If you want to record cursor hot spot to highlight mouse clicks, just go to Tools > Options > Recording, then click Record mouse cursor. You can also adjust hot spot color and resize hot spot size on the popped up dialog box based on your preferences. Besides, it’s available of animating mouse clicks in different colors, the default left click animation color is red and the right click is blue, you are able to select your favorite colors.

    Capture activities around mouse

    Maybe you want to capture mouse movements in customized area, you should click Record button and drag the pull-down list to choose Around mouse. There are a variety of frame sizes, like 480×360, 640×360, 1280×720 etc, thus you can choose the frame size in needed. Once you decide to start recording, tap Record button.

    After recording, the video will be saved in the default folder and shown on its interface, then you can click the video for playback easily.

    Note: If you get used to using hotkeys, this screen recorder allows you to choose your favorite hotkeys, just preset hotkeys in Options tab under Tools menu.

    Method2: Camtasia
    Camtasia is considered as the world-class screen recorder that can capture what you are seeing and doing on your screen, you can use it to record mouse actions in full screen or specified area. When finished, the videos can be uploaded to hosting websites and share with audiences around the world. Although Camtasia is great for capturing your screen, you have to install it to your computer, which means it will lag your PC because it occupies much disk space. Moreover, it may be too complicated to handle the program for a novice.

    So in this case all you need is a superb screen recorder that will help you track mouse movements, it is not necessary to buy Camtasia. I think Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder will perfectly satisfy what you need, and it is much easier to use compared with Camtasia, you can quickly handle it even for a green hand, much better, it’s free. Just my advice, you can try both of them and you’ll find which is better. If you still have any further problems, please feel free to contact us again.

    Any ways to record mouse movements?
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    Dear Sir / Madam,

    Recently we have purchased Screen Recorder from your esteemed organisation , 

    when we sent RECORDED videos to our clients customer were saying it is not so clear visible , 

    and we have observed that in some other videos while recording & Explaining the POINTER

    will high light the MOUSE pointer so that it is very clear for viewer.

    is this facility in your recorder pls reply us as early as possible.

    our Mobile num is +91 7975853349 name Mr.Eshwar

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      • Ada Reed :

        Dear User, do you mean you want to show the mouse cursor area? Which screen recorder you purchased? As we have more than one screen recording software: Screen recorder pro and ApowerREC. Both our programs have the mouse cursor area showing features:

        If it's Apowersoft screen recorder pro, simply enter the setting and enable the function as below is alright. You can also choose the colors for left click and righ click respectively. Thank you!

      • 2019-12-16 04:33 Reply
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