• Apps to record Camfrog video chat

    Apps to record Camfrog video chat

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    Hi guys. I am currently using Camfrog to have video chat with my friends. Sometimes, I want to keep these video callings in my computer. I have tried Hypercam, but the video quality is disappointing and even worse it cannot record my voice. So I come here to seek your help. Are there any useful screen recorders recommended? Your answer will be appreciated. Thx!

    Apps to record Camfrog video chat
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    Camfrog is a popular chat application for those people who love chatting or making new friends. It supports instant messaging, video chatting & conferencing. Besides, the functions of files sharing and snapshot taking are also available. Since this tool is available on computer and mobile devices, we will introduced approaches to record Camfrog video chat on different platforms.

    Method 1: Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

    Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is a professional screen recorder in capturing the activity happening on screen. This tool can record sound along with video recording on your Camfrog video call. Also, it comes with a real time editor that provides various editing options during recording. In the meanwhile, it offers multiple video output formats such as MP4, AVI, WAM, FLV, etc. so that you can export and play your video on most of devices. When you have done with recording Camfrog video call, its YouTube Uploader enables you to share video to YouTube immediately. No matter your computer OS is Windows or Mac OS, this applications can help you to capture Camfrog video perfectly.

    Other tricks of using Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

    1. Screenshot Tool – When having Camfrog video chat, you can make screenshot on screen to capture any scene you like. It also comes with a quick editor that allows you to perform editing on images. After that, you can upload the screenshot to cloud storage and share to social media networks.

    2. Task Scheduler – If you ‘re not able to attend Camfrog conference for some reasons. This tool is capable of recording screen automatically. You can plan recording task to perform recording on your screen by presetting recording time, duration and region. It’s very handy to capture screen activity at your absence.

    Pros: Totally free and supports comprehensive functions like real-time editing, quick sharing to YouTube and task scheduling, etc.
    Cons: Need to be loaded on webpage.

    If you do not want to visit its site every time or even worse your network is not steady enough to load the web-based program, the desktop version is available. You can download it by clicking the button below.

    Method 2: Jing

    You can also use Jing to record Camfrog video chat. This application features the functions of recording screen and making screenshot. Its simplified interface allows users to operate it without any hassles. You can drag any region on Camfrog to make screen recording and the video will be saved as SWF file. In addition, you’re allowed to share your work to the site supported by Jing. Also, the built-in screenshot tool allows you to capture your screen and save it as a picture.

    Pros: Easy to use and takes little space in hard drive.
    Cons: Trial version allows no more than 5 minutes recording.

    Method 3: Mobile app

    For mobile version of Camfrog, you may use the following application to record Camfrog video chat.

    Display Recorder

    Display Recorder is a mobile-based app that can run on both Android and iOS devices. You can use this app to record your Camfrog video chat directly on you mobile. This app is capable of recording your voice and internal sounds as well as your screen activity. You can capture Camfrog video chat without any lose. Furthermore, when you have finished recording, you can upload the video to YouTube and export it to your photo library.

    Pros: Supports quick sharing to YouTube.
    Cons: Can only be used on rooted or jailbroken devices.

    The first two applications work perfectly in making screen recording. You can choose the one you prefer according to their features. Also, Display Recorder would be a nice choice for recording Camfrog video chat happening on your mobile. Wishing this post is helpful to you to find a right Camfrog video recorder.

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