• RAW support in Photo Viewer
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    RAW support in Photo Viewer

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    I really like your Photo Viewer and considering to purchase it, but it has very limited RAW support. I mostly mean opening of RAW files.

    I keep all my photos in RAW and right now the only way to open RAW image is either open a JPG, for example, and then just browse the folder. It will show me all images in thumbnails, including RAW, which is good. But!
    – I can’t open RAW with Photo Viewer by double-clicking on the image.
    – Assigning Photo Viewer to always open RAW files is quite a pain – you can’t just select this application.
    – Thumbnail images bottom bar constantly slides away, which is extremely annoying.
    – There’re absolutely zero settings to fine tune any kind of things, including bottom bar, which I’d prefer to be fixed.

    Main drawback for me, besides easy management of RAW files – complete lack of settings. I can’t purchase application, which doesn’t allow me to setup even the basic stuff like interface elements.

    If you have plans on improving PC version of Photo Viewer, this would be great. For now, unfortunately, it’s quite primitive and look more like mobile app. It’s OK for the app to be primitive and have zero settings on smartphone, but absolutely not OK on PC.

    RAW support in Photo Viewer
    Alice Wang
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    Hi, thanks for using our software. Of course, we will keep on improving Photo Viewer in the future. We will consider your suggestions. 

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