• Radio – Track info
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    Radio – Track info

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    I like the simple and clean interface.
    But maybe a little too sparse.
    1. Would love to see some basic, Song Title, Artist and track time
    2. Not sure if this is a bug or just the way SAR programming is. After recording. I stop the radio play. I go to Library to view the recorded tracks. If I want to delete a track, comes up with windows delete file error saying that the file is opened in SAR.
    3. It would be good if SAR would have a Record duration setting. Something like stop recording after xx hours/days.

    Radio – Track info
    Alice Wang
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    Thanks for your feedback, below are the answers to the suggestions and feedback you raised. 
    1. In our Streaming Audio Recorder, the song title, artist and track time will be displayed in the library, you can check there for more details. 
    2. This issue occurs when the output format is MP3 or FLAC, we will fix this issue soon and make a new update. Thanks for your feedback. 
    3. Streaming Audio Recorder provides Task Scheduler which allows you to set start time, duration for recording audio automatically. This feature can be found via the more icon on the top right of the interface and you can select “Schedule Task…” to open it.

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