• program crashes with auto ID on

    program crashes with auto ID on

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    I just purchased the Streaming audio recorder, and seems to work OK as long as I Identify the songs manually. If I have auto ID selected it will crash after the first song is finished and it starts to id the previous song. I and using an ASUS laptop 32 bit windows 7.
    Any ideas??

    Only other thing is that getting the silence time frame between songs is a little tricky. I am having to edit at least one song per album that has joined with another song. Time is set to 400 ms at this time

    program crashes with auto ID on
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    Thank you for you trust~! It is my pleasure to answer your question.

    Firstly, have you downloaded the newest version of Streaming Audio Recorder? The newest version is “Streaming Audio Recorder V 3.4.1 Released ( 10/06/2014 )”. Please check it on your PC. If not, you can download the newest version below.

    Secondly, to make full use of auto-identification function, you’d better record the audio at least 15 seconds. Moreover, since the ID3 tag will update every once in a while, it takes some time to recognize the correct information of music tracks. Sometimes the poor internet connection may influence the progress. It may cause some delay when skipping the silent part during recording.

    Lastly, in order to put this program into best performance, here I will show you the detailed instructions of operation.

    • Download and install the newest version of this software, and run it on your computer.
    • Before recording, configure some basic settings like “Audio Format”, “Input Resource” and “Output Folder” according to your need. Then make some advanced settings as you like. If you want to skip silent passages in process of recording, it is necessary for you to tick the small boxes of the function-options that you want to put into use.

    • Stream online and find an audio to record. Back to the program and click “On” while play the audio at the same time.
    • Click “Off” to finish recording process. You can check the recorded audio by pressing “Open folder”, where saves all of your recorded files.

    Hope my suggestions would help you. If you have any other problems, you can also contact us via E-mail. Here is our E-mail address: support@apowersoft.com.

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