• Some questions about Apowersoft Video Downloader

    Some questions about Apowersoft Video Downloader

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    I have several questions about Apowersoft programs and wish to get answers here.

    1. What is the difference between programs “Video Download Capture” and “Streaming Video Recorder”?

    2. When it captures online streaming video, does it also saves the name of that video from the description automatically? Because if there are streaming videos such as chapter 1.1 chapter 1.2 etc, it will be a helpful feature to have.

    3. If a website is streaming video, which is not recognized by your product, is there a way to add that file type to settings? Or should it be reported back to you and you will add and send an update?


    Some questions about Apowersoft Video Downloader
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    Dear tsk, thanks for your interest!

    1. Generally speaking, Video Download Capture and Streaming Video Recorder are two video downloading programs which developed by Apowersoft. Their main functions and usages are all the same. However, Streaming Video Recorder is good at auto-detecting videos, while Video Download Capture works well in downloading videos with URL and process batch downloads.

    2. It can get the video name automatically from the most popular video sites, for example YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more. But if the video files are downloaded by video detector, it will not get the video name.

    Yet, the programs enable you to rename videos easily. Just right-click on the file name and choose “Rename”, then give the desired title for video.

    3. Most videos are supported, but if it is not recognized by video downloader (Video Detector or Advanced Video Detector), you can use the built-in screen recorder to record it. And we welcome you to send the video URL to us, then we will analyze it.

    If you have further questions, please contact us again.

    Some questions about Apowersoft Video Downloader
    Larry McPhail

    ” Why does the software, analyze the files when the detect button is “clicked”, and then sticks at 14%, and stay there, I waited for it to take off for 4 yes!, 4 Days, And finally gave Up, This software has bugs that can and should be addressed. It’s great because I used it on SOMEBODY ELSES COMPUTER, PURCHASED IT FROM APOWERSOFT, AND IT WORKED FOR AN HOUR ON TRIAL THEN TRIAL WAS OVER, I PURCHASED IT, AND I’M NOT PURCHASING IT TWICE !< THAT MY FRIEND MAKES NO DAMN SENSE, TO ME ANYWAY !> L> McPHAIL.

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