• Problem on how to record sirius radio!

    Problem on how to record sirius radio!

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    I have been wondering whether it’s possible to save the audio being played on Sirius XM radio, however the results turn out to be in vain after searching for a long time. So, does anyone know how to record Sirius radio? It would be much appreciated for anyone’s advice.

    Problem on how to record sirius radio!

    How about trying StationRipper? I have used it to record Shoutcast radio, it’s pretty simple to use. Maybe you can have a try, hope it helps.

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      • Zachary : Thank u for your suggestion, and I have tried that. But unfortunately, it doesn't work well since StationRipper only supports to rip audio stream on limited radio stations including Pandora, Spotify, Slacker, Last.fm, Shoutcast, Sirius XM radio isn't among them.
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    Problem on how to record sirius radio!

    Or you may try Replay AV, it can help to capture various kinds of streaming video and audio including video clips, radio show, online music etc. So you can have this option to record XM radio.

    Problem on how to record sirius radio!
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    Sirius XM radio can compete with other leading radio service like Pandora, Spotify as it can provide users with more than 100 channels of streaming music, news, talk, as well as live DJ’s. Even better, it has exclusive rights to sports broadcasts like NFL, NHL and NBA.

    Thus it’s no wonder why so many listeners wish to have a recorded copy of its radio. In fact, with a little determination and patience, your favorite Sirius XM radio can be saved. Here I will introduce two Sirius radio recorders for you, one is the program that mentioned by the former poster-Replay AV, but unfortunately, Replay AV is no longer available and users can have Replay Music for music recording. The other sirius radio recorder is Streaming Audio Recorder.

    Replay Music

    Replay Music is an audio recorder that enables users to capture various kinds of streaming audio including video clips, radio show, online music etc. The music it recorded can be auto-tagged with information on artist, album, genre etc. With it, you can also burn the music you have recorded to CDs.

    However, it always fails in the attempt to recognize the song and it only support mp3 output format.

    Streaming Audio Recorder

    Streaming Audio Recorder is a multifunctional audio recording program that allows you to record any sound from the computer sound card, as well as the microphone or both system sound and microphone. Comparing to Replay Music, it supports five common output formats including mp3, wma, ogg, wav, wma. Better yet, it combines as many as ten functions together, including audio editor, CD burner, audio converter, CD ripper etc.

    Here is what you can do to record Sirius radio:

    Step one: Download and install Streaming Audio Recorder to your computer. Then double click it to launch this recorder.

    Step two: Before the recording, choose your preferred settings. The settings consist of general settings, record settings, download settings.

    Step three: Click On to start recording.

    Step four: Go to the webpage of Sirius XM.com and play the radio you want to record.

    Step five: Hit on Off to finish the recording.

    Above are the two simple ways available for recording sirius radio, hope it can help you to get your recording successfully.

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