• How to play MKV on Samsung TV?

    How to play MKV on Samsung TV?

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    I got quite a lot of MKV movies from my friend but my TV refused to play some MKV files and returned an unhelpful codec error message. It’s strange for this problem only happens with some of the MKV files. My computer, iPhone and iPad all play MKVs fine. This problem only occurs on the TV. Is there any fix or way around this issue? I want to play MKV on Samsung TV with no limit. :(

    How to play MKV on Samsung TV?
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    In most cases, Samsung TV supports playing almost all video types including MKV, MP4, AVI, etc. Can Samsung TV play MKV files really depends on what is inside the file. For example, if a MKV file has DTS audio or Dolby True audio which smart TV has bad compatibility with, the file finally won’t be supported by Samsung TVs.

    Technically, MKV is a container format that can hold a number of audio, video, images and subtitle files in one file. Different types of encoded audio and video contained in a MKV file determine whether this file can be played on Samsung TV. If you want to have the Samsung TV play MKV files as expected, you’ll have to convert the format of audio inside the file. However, this will be uneasy to do for people who are utterly ignorant of video formats. Don’t worry, every level of skill and budget is catered for in the below content.

    Solution One: the easiest way to play MKV on smart TV

    There is no better way to play MKV on Samsung TV than to convert MKV files to Samsung TV compatible formats like MP4 and AVI. Thankfully, there are quite a lot of web-based converter applications available specifically for people to convert media files. It’s recommended to use Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter to do conversion. It is ensured that this tool will enable you to:

    • Convert all kinds of video and audio types.
    • Adjust the parameters of video and audio files.
    • Trim, crop, rotate videos to meet your needs.
    • Add video effect, watermark and subtitle to video files.

    This nice tool with plenty of those user-friendly functions makes it outstanding among similar products. And the steps are fairly simple. Let’s take a look at how to play MKV on Samsung TV via this tool.

    • Navigate to the site of Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter.
    • Click “Select files to start” to import the MKV file you want to use (It will pop up a new page where you can download the launcher at the first time using, and then you install the launcher on your computer manually).
    • Click “Format” and choose “MP4” from the available codecs.
    • Hit “Convert” and then select a folder to store the converted file then the conversion will be started instantly.

    MKV on Samsung TV

    Tips: The key to a fast conversion process mainly relies on an internet connection. And the movie size is another effect factor. If the size is too big, the conversion will be time consuming.

    Solution Two: the speedy way to make Samsung TV play MKV

    Absolutely, there are professional video converters which can enhance the conversion speed. For the best experience possible, we need to a program specialized for converting MKV movies to Samsung TV. Obviously that is not impossible with the software presented below.

    Video Converter Studio is just a great option. There are so many elements that make it a fantastic MKV to Samsung TV converter. You can use it to:

    • Converts videos between multitudes of formats with no quality loss.
    • Provides optimized output presets for exporting files to device compatible formats.
    • Downloads videos from tons of popular video hosting sites.
    • Creates photo slideshow with music.
    • Edits videos with a cool built-in video editor.

    These functions make it ideal for downloading, converting and editing multimedia files. Whether you are planning to play MKV on Samsung TV or on other devices, it is a deserved must-have video and audio processing program. Watch step-by-step instructions while following along.

    Step 1. Download and Install the Program

    Download the program installation file. Open the .exe file and follow the wizard instruction to complete the installation once the download is finished.

    Step 2. Launch the Program and Import a Video File

    Run the converter, and hit the “Add Files” button to add the target MKV file into the program.

    Step 3. Choose a Preset format for Samsung TV

    Click “Profile” to open the preset formats and devices. Go to find the “MP4” format and select “Same as source” for the output file.

    Step 4. Convert your MKV movie

    Click the “Open” button in the “Output” field to specify the destination that you want to place the converted file, and then hit “Convert” button on the bottom right corner.

    Tips: The program’s only shortcoming is that you have to install it before you can do conversion.

    Solution Three: the barely viable way to have Samsung TV play MKV

    You can use VLC player to just convert audio inside the MKV from DTS to MP3 or AAC, leaving video intact and the format as MKV. This would work sometimes. You first need to well install VLC player on your PC and refer to the below steps to have a try.

    • Open the player, do Ctrl+R to access the convert dialog and hit “Add” button to upload the MKV file under the File tab and click “Convert/Save”.
    • Choose “Audio – MP3” in the Profile field and before “Start”. Under “Edit selected profile”, check “Keep original video track” under the Video codec tab.
    • Click “Browse” in the Destination field, type in the file name with .MKV as the file extension in the pop-up window and select the place for the file.
    • Hit “Start” and wait for a while until the conversion is done.

    Tips: This method only works for certain smart TVs. Besides, if there is plug-in subtitle in the video, it will not be added to the file after conversion, which is really embarrassing.


    Those are all possible ways to play MKV on Samsung TV. Each of them has their respective merits and demerits. Choose the one that is appropriate for you and enjoy your visual treat.

    How to play MKV on Samsung TV?

    If however you have a 50+Gig 4K movie to convert and dont have access to a super computer to change it, i recommend buying/borrowing a bluray player that plays mkv and plug it into your tv by means of saving the file on to a 64gig flash drive and USBing that puppy… much easier.

    How to play MKV on Samsung TV?

    Though Smart TV claims to support MKV files, sometimes we still encounter TVs won’t play MKV issues. Can Smart TV play MKV files? Why Smart TVs play some of the MKV videos but not others? Simply follow when googled “Play MKV Files on Samsung TV” this article to get the reason and solution for TV MKV symptoms with best TV Video Converter.

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