• Perfect except for one issue

    Perfect except for one issue

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    Firstly i would just like to say that this piece of software is great and am happy to pay for great software.
    The only function that is bitter sweet is the notification function. It works great but does not remove itself automatically and you end up having a line of notifications on the side of your screen.
    It would be great if you can make this dissolve like an office outlook notification after 305 seconds.
    Anyway, just thought that i would

    Perfect except for one issue
    Ada Reed
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    Hi Tony,

    Sorry for the late response! Our technician is checking on the problem. Hopefully, it will be fixed in the next version. Thank you!

    Perfect except for one issue
    Gianni Millone
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    any news on the subject?
    The software is fantastic, it really helped me.
    But that notifications issue is quite annoying… especially if you connect on USB since in that case you keep receiving two or three notifications per minute about the charge % of your battery… then each time you begin typing a message you get a notification that you selected the ApowerMirror keyboard…
    It would be great being able to filter out some notifications types based on their heading

    Thanks for the great work!
    (if it helps, i’m running Windows 10 Pro and Android 7 on a Galaxy S6)

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      • Ada Reed : Hi Gianni,

        Sorry, but we haven't solved it yet. Thank you for your patience! ?

      • 2017-09-30 05:17 Reply
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