• Online Video Recorder – Earbuds
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    Online Video Recorder – Earbuds

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    I was so very excited to use the online video recorder.  I recorded a team meeting.  While recording I used earbuds so that my home environment wouldn’t interfere with me hearing everything.  Well, when I went to replay the recording the whole time it was without audio because of earbuds except the part when it unpaired.  Here’s my question: Is there a setting that will allow me to use my earbuds while still being able to record not only the screen but also the laptop system audio?

    Online Video Recorder – Earbuds
    Alice Wang
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    Dear User,

    Please follow the image below to check the audio settings:

    – If it’s system sound, please make sure you have selected the default system sound on your PC in the program audio settings;

    – If it’s microphone sound, please plug-in the microphone before launching the program, then, select the correspondent microphone device name in the program audio settings.


    Thank you for your support!

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