• [HELP] Not recording all of screen

    [HELP] Not recording all of screen

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    So i downloaded the Apowersoft Screen Recorder and tried it out. The video and sound is excellent, but the problem I have is when I play the recorded video, it only shows like the upper left side of the screen, like 1/4 of the screen … I’ve had this with almost every screen recording software i’ve tried and I just thought it was something wrong with the software.
    I’ve also tried to search over the internet for someone having similar problems as me, but with no luck. So I try here.

    Anyone who can help me with this please ?

    [HELP] Not recording all of screen
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    If you are using Mac OS X
    I think this was caused by retina display.
    The Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder obeys the Displays preference pane like most other applications do.
    The first step to increase the resolution for recording is to adjust the settings to have a larger equivalent screen size as I have done in this picture (and you can change to even larger pixel counts by selecting “More Space” which in turn makes items like the menu bar physically smaller when rendered).
    I think it will work well.

    If you are using Windows
    Please check whether the system font size is changed?
    Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Display
    If you have changed it, please restore it to default and try again.

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