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    I bought VIP account and I have Apowermanager installed in my phone (Xperia XZ2 compact). I can connect to airmore.com withou problems, but i can’t connect to desktop Apower manager application via WiFi nor via USB 🙁 Why?

    Thanks for help.

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    Dear user,

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Here is the detailed guide for your reference. 

    1.  Make sure your phone and PC are connected to the same WiFi network.

    2.  Make sure the firewall on PC hasn’t blocked ApowerManager. If so, you need to raise the blockade manually. On your PC, open “Control Panel” > “System and Security” > “Windows Firewall” > “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall”, then you can find ApowerManager on “Allowed apps and features”. Tick the “Private” and “Public” boxes to allow this app to communicate through Windows Firewall.

    3.   Make sure the antivirus program hasn’t blocked ApowerManager. Or you can turn off the antivirus program and try again.

    4. If you are using a public or company WiFi. The router of your company has turned on “AP Isolation” or the WiFi blocked our ports. Please consult the technicians of your company to solve this issue.

    Here are the solutions to mobile phone cannot connect to ApowerManager via the USB cable:

    https://www.apowersoft.com/community/topic/solutions-to-android-cannot-connect-to-apowermanager-via-usb.html. Thank you!

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