• Need help on Making How-To videos

    Need help on Making How-To videos

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    Hello! My name is Lindsay and I consider myself as a blogger.I noticed that a lot of people have been asking on how to share screen on Skype. On the other hand, there were times when I am really having a hard time explaining myself through text and so I decided to ask help from you. Could somebody recommend me a tool or software about creating a how-to video? Hope you can suggest a free one. Thanks

    Need help on Making How-To videos
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    Hi Lindsay! Thank you for trusting this forum site with regards to your problem.
    We all know that Skype is one of the highly used applications in the internet with regards to communication. However, many people just know this app as a channel for communicating through sending messages and making video calls. I appreciate the fact that you want to help, and I as well is pleased to help you out on how to create how-to videos for free.

    Create a How-to-Video Using Free Software

    Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder is a free online tool that can help people in recording any of the screen activities seen on the computer screen. Moreover, this tool does not need any space in your computer because it can be used online for free. If you want to create a how-to video about the share screen on Skype, or record a video using other software applications like MSN,Gchat, and more, all you need to do is make your Skype (or any other software) ready, go to the Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder site, and then click on “Start recording” tab. Allow the application to make changes in your computer and the tool will appear in your screen.

    Using the Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder, you have the option to record the whole screen or just part/parts of the screen with no time limit. It also lets the user to edit the video after recording it. Furthermore, you can record as many times as you want.

    Other Function of the Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder

    This tool is indeed functional in terms of creating a how-to video as it as well allows user to record audio together with video using mic or media software to play a local sound file. You can also convert the recorded file in any kind you want by clicking the convert tab in the lower part of the tool. If you wish to convert your recorded video at high speed, do merging of videos, crop, add effect, and any other form of editing, go with the Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro.

    Apart from that, this tool allows user to record multiple WebCam videos side-by-side and you can as well resize the camera picture. Moreover, it also allows user to do screenshots which can be edited.

    Hope that you gain knowledge from here and I wish that you could share what you know to those who are in need of help.

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