• My APowerManager does not wifi connect
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    My APowerManager does not wifi connect

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    I bought a yearly VIP account.   I canNOT connect my iPhone or my iPad wirelessly.   it works great when I connect a USB cable, but I does not work wirelessly.  What is the solution?!?

    Also, I tried to connect AirMore by WIFI too.  It cannot connect either.  I tried “Radar” and the QR code.

    If I can’t get this work ASAP, I’m cancelling my account.   


    P.s.  My PC is running Windows 10, latest version.   Fast CPU, plenty of memory.   AirMore and ApowerManager are latest versions.

    My APowerManager does not wifi connect
    Ada Reed
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    Thank you for purchaing our software and welcome to Apowersoft community.

    Here is the instruction for connecting iOS devices to computers via WiFi:

    1. Connect your iOS device and Windows PC or Mac to the same network.
    2. Connect your mobile device to your PC with a USB cable, open the iTunes on your PC, click the device icon, go to “Summary” to check the boxes beside “Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi” and “Manually manage music and videos”, and click “Apply”. After that, close iTunes.

      Set iTunes

    3. Open ApowerManager, connect your iDevice with the computer via USB connection, and turn on “Advanced Wi-Fi connection”.

      enable wifi connection

    4. 4. After this, close the program and next time you run the program, it will automatically connect your phone to PC.
    5. Note:

    Once you successfully enable Wi-Fi connection for your iDevices, it will work preferentially even when you connect via USB cable. And if you only want to use USB connection method, you can turn off “Advanced WiFi connection”, restart the program and then link your phone with the computer.

    If you encounter any problems when using the software, then please feel free to conntact us.

    Best regards,


    My APowerManager does not wifi connect
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    I have had similar issue.  On same network, have done the above set up–eventually connects, BUT the screen refresh will not work and the reflector/mirror will not work.

    The QR code connection has never been successful for me.  Airmore doesn’t provide anything of any use.

    Never been thrill with the speed to mirror when on USB and wirelessly doesn’t seem to work.


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      • Apowersoft :


        Sorry for the inconvenience. Would you please tell us your phone brand and phone mode? It can help us locate the problem. 

        Thank you.

      • 2018-10-11 02:15 Reply
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