• “Multiple Queue/Auto Numbering/Re-download Opt/Vimeo1Click”

    “Multiple Queue/Auto Numbering/Re-download Opt/Vimeo1Click”

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    I’m stuck with single queue system.

    Let’s say I am downloading 2 youtube playlists
    I want each playlist to be saved in two different folders.
    I want to be able to stop 1 queue *Playlist A” and resume second queue “Playlist B”.

    So, if you guys are planing to incorporate that like in IDM, that’ll be soo great.

    Also I don’t get numbering system like in the software “Youtube Playlist Downloader”. If this can be added too that’ll be awesome.

    By they one more. Sometimes the file are corrupt. So if we can have “right click with redownload” option, that’ll be super awesome.

    Anyway, I love it ! It’s a amazing tool. How come I haven’t known this for this long.

    One last thing, I can download vimeo videos with drag and drop, but isn’t there an option to download all videos from the user all at once ??

    Thanks again,
    sagman :roll:

    “Multiple Queue/Auto Numbering/Re-download Opt/Vimeo1Click”
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    We are terribly sorry for the later reply, right now, we cannot sort the output files automatically, but if you want the videos put in different folder, you can customize it before downloading.

    And regarding the second question, you have an option to download all videos from the user all at once, under “Options” tab, you can download the videos that requires to log in, which guarantees that you can download almost all the videos to the best.

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