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    Mobogenie alternative

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    Hello, I have a problem here. I am currently using Mobogenie to manage my Samsung S6. But I gradually find that it is not very practical, so I am looking for Mobogenie alternative. Do you have any suggestions?

    Mobogenie alternative
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    Hello, Jacob. I am very glad to help you. Actually, Mobogenie is a nice tool to manage Android phone. It enables you to manage your phone data on PC, such as contacts, messages, apps, music, pictures, videos, books and files. Other functions include making data backup and restoration, viewing device information, and root your device with one click. However, despite of all the good features, it still has many problems that make users feel unsatisfied. For example, it may stop working due to unknown reasons from time to time and the operating speed is quite slow. Therefore, I would like to recommend three best Mobogenie alternative apps for you.

    1. Apowersoft Phone Manager

    Apowersoft Phone Manager is one of the best phone management applications available on the market. It focuses on giving users great experience in managing their phone data on the computer. Easiness and smoothness are its biggest advantages. People can quickly learn how to operate it without any difficulty. It contains almost all the features Mobogenie has. Apart from that, it also allows users to display phone in full screen, view pictures in slideshow, set photos as mobile wallpapers, mange notes and files in mobile memory. With better performance and more powerful functions, it is undoubtedly a best Mobogenie alternative.

    To use this app, please follow the steps below.

    • Download Apowersoft Phone Manager. Install it on your computer.
    • Connect your Android device to computer using USB cable or via WiFi. Please tap “Allow” when widows pop up on your phone so as to allow the program to read your phone data.
    • Once connected successfully, you can freely manage any data by clicking the corresponding icons on the top bar of the interface. With it, transferring data between phone device and PC is very convenient.


    • Supports both Android and iOS systems
    • Manages all the data on mobile device
    • Provides versatile ways for connection
    • Clear and comfortable interface
    • No ads


    • Cannot update or download apps online
    • Cannot root device

    2. AirDroid

    AirDroid is also a very efficient alternative to Mobogenie for managing your Android device. What makes it different from others is that it goes straightforward to manage your Android from browser on the computer wirelessly. Downloading desktop app is also available, but the functions are quite limited. It can only manage your calls, SMS and the app notifications. The amazing part is that you are able to mirror your Android to PC or Mac with AirMirror and controls it directly from your computer. But currently, it only supports some rooted phones.


    • Connects Android with PC without cable
    • Controls Android from computer
    • Real-time notification


    • Limited features for the desktop version
    • Only few phones available for AirMirror
    • Email account is required to use this app

    3. SnapPea

    Another nice tool for you is SnapPea. It allows you to manage apps, contacts, messages, music, photos, and videos on PC. You can easily transfer them between mobile devices and computer. Moreover, you can also back up data to PC and restore them to device in a fast way. In spite of its occasional unstable performance, it is still a good alternative app for SnapPea.


    • No ads
    • Multiple connection modes
    • Enables you to connect two phones with PC simultaneously


    • Relatively insufficient functions
    • In-coordinate interface

    Above are the three apps you can try in replacement for Mobogenie. I hope you will be more satisfied with them. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Have a good day! ;)

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