• Mirroring is Slow and Choppy
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    Mirroring is Slow and Choppy

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    I was able to successfully mirror my iPhone to my PC via USB by using the Phone Manager. However, after pressing “Display in full screen,” I noticed that the syncing from my phone to the PC is very slow and choppy. For example, if I enter an app on my phone, the mirroring on the PC does not enter the app until after about 30 seconds or so later. I was wondering if it is supposed to take that long or is there a way I can make the mirroring faster?

    Also, there doesn’t seem to be any sound playing from my PC when I use an app that has sound on my phone.

    Thank you.

    Mirroring is Slow and Choppy
    Ada Reed
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    Sorry. Using Phone Manager indeed could be a little slower, but usually it will only be delayed for several seconds. Please try to use another USB cable or another port and try again.

    If you have access to wireless local network, you can try this ApowerMirror to mirror iPhone to PC via WiFi. As long as your network is stable, the mirroring can be seamless.

    Thank you!

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