• Microphone Settings

    Microphone Settings

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    Hi Everyone

    First, sorry for my bad English i’m French.

    I use Apowersoft Screen Recorder for record my screen and sound.
    For sound i record sound system and microphone.
    For “quieten” echo i use settings drivers sound card and i adjust microphone hardware at 50% and microphone software (Apowersoft virtual microphone) at 50%.
    With this settings it’s OK but when i close and re-open Apowersoft Screen, my adjustment reset and microphone hardware and software return to 100%.
    Up until now I use software once by day but now this situation is annoying because i want automation screen capture.

    So, my qusetion is have you tips to preserve microphone settings ?

    My environment :

    Windows 8.1 64 Bits, Apowersoft screen recording suite 1.3.2.

    Thank for your reading and your reply.


    PS : I test last version (3.4.0) in evaluation mode and i have same problem.

    Microphone Settings
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    Hi! In order to get the loudest sound output, we have changed the microphone volume to 100% by default. This is great when sometimes your microphone is a little bit too far away from your mouth and it may in low quality. Considering these situation, we change the microphone settings for providing you the recording in high quality. We appreciate your understanding and support.

    Microphone Settings

    Thanks for your reply.

    I understand the reason of this situation (it’s not bug it’s feature like say Micros..t :)) but it’s not great for user want control and preserve his settings.
    Already to use software and this “features” put in wrong all of other software adjustement use microphone.
    Can you considere add a checkbox for choose if software control or not the adjustment of microphone.
    While waiting for, can you known other software just as well Apowersoft Screen Recording who don’t touch microphone settings :). Thank you.


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