• Microphone not recognized
    Bob Milner

    Microphone not recognized

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    I’m using a Logitech H-800 USB headset that the program does not recognize.

    Microphone not recognized
    Alice Wang
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    Thanks for your feedback, please check your procedure first, normally we should plug in headset first, and then open the software. After initiating the software, we should not pull out the headset or change any settings about playback. If it still doesn’t work, please follow the steps below and send the log file to us. 

     If it’s Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro, please click “Help” then “Support” in the interface, then select “Send log file” blow the popped up page, type in details and then submit. 

     If it’s Free Online Screen Recorder, please click question mark on the recording interface, and then select “Send log file” and fill in the feedback just the same as the software above.

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