• Malwarebytes Browserguard Flagged Download at "suspicious"
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    Malwarebytes Browserguard Flagged Download at "suspicious"

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    Malwarebytes Browserguard Flagged Download at “suspicious” and blocked the URL.  Before I proceed, I was hoping that this is a known issue and that the URL has been proven safe by the community.  When attempting to download Screen Recorder I am redirected to the following link: http://d31gfrlvpyxnbz.cloudfront.net/screen-recorder-pro.exe?608b09f6a376b99faed84da66c7fc4ea 

    Here is the text from the browserguard alert

    /——————— START ————————–

    Website blocked due to a suspicious download

    Download blocked: http://d31gfrlvpyxnbz.cloudfront.net/screen-recorder-pro.exe?608b09f6a376b99faed84da66c7fc4ea

    Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain scam activity.

    We strongly recommend you do not continue.

    What is a suspicious download?

    Possible suspicious activity encompasses a variety of behaviors that are commonly attributed to technical support scams, cryptojacking, browser hijacking, and other types of harmful, risky, and potentially unwanted objects.

    /———————– END ——————————

    Thank you in advance

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