• Make a video blog

    Make a video blog

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    I want to set up a video blog about my gameplays, but I have no ideas about it, like, the best blog service for sharing videos, the proper tool to make videos, how to upload videos and so on. Can anybody help me solve these problems? Thanks in advance. :)

    Make a video blog
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    A video blog refers to a blog website, which is mainly made up of videos. Currently, video blog is the new craze and lots of people want to make their own video blogs and keep visitors’ interests.

    If you want to set up a game video blog, you should create your own account and then make good videos to upload.
    Here is detailed steps about how to create a video blog successfully:

    1. Find a web host.
    There are many free web hosts that are popular among netizens like YouTube, Vimeo and many others. It’s true that a good content is far more important than the name of the video blog, but a catchy name will attract more viewers.

    2. Choose the blog theme
    Video blogs have various of topics, such as entertainment, technology, art and so on. A good theme is that many people concern about and you are familiar with. You can choose a hot topic that lots of people discussed will appeal to many audiences, however, you must be familiar with it. Otherwise, it’s hard to create high quality videos.

    3. Make your videos
    As blog contents are made in video format, creating an attractive video becomes the important work. With a good screen recorder, it’s much easy to create a stunning video and produce a successful video blog.

    A lot of screen recording tools can help you make your videos perfectly. I recommend Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder, because it is the best FREE tool to record any activity on the screen with decent quality. Aside from recording the screen activities, it can also record the webcam flawlessly. It provides two different ways to record webcam videos, so users can create picture-in-picture videos as well.

    While recording, users can make an edit for your recording videos by adding some callouts and highlighting important parts.

    4. Update your video blog frequently
    After finishing making the video, you can upload it to you video blog. You are allowed to improve the videos by adding terrific titles, descriptions, tags or other effects.

    Audiences are fond of the blog site providing new videos, so you will probably add new videos regularly at least once a week to generate a lot of interest, otherwise, people will lose interest to check your blog. If you have chosen a familiar topic that you love, it will be a joy, rather than a chore, to make videos constantly.

    A good video blog needs careful management and efficiently promotion. To gain a great quantity of audience, you can search engine optimization, submit your video blog into social bookmarking sites or other relevant sites.

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