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    Make a Screencast

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    I want to make a screencast for my website and I was trying to create a screencast using camstudio, but I realized that it really slowed down my computer. So is there a good tool to help me to do this for free ? Could you please show me a tutorial of how to do it? Thanks

    Make a Screencast
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    I am glad to know that you are managing your own website. Commonly, a good website contains not only good content, terrific design, but also reasonably images and video elements to form a great organization.

    A good embedded video will make the site more professional, informative and entertaining. Knowing how to create a good screencast is an extremely useful skill to learn. I have received quite a few emails asking me how I made my screencast. I also made a tutorial to show them.

    Now I will illustrate it in details.

    Before creating the screencast, you should make it clear that what you want to display and what tool you need. After preparing what you will display, then choose a good tool to help you. There are lots of different tools you can use, such as Jing, Camtasia, CamStudio and so on. But I think the best one is Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder.

    This screen recorder is web-based one that you needn’t download any programs to take up your computer disk space, which never lags your computer again. Simply tap Start Recording button, this screen recorder will pop up. There are many recording modes offered, you can record the full screen or any part of it, record webcam, around mouse or only the audio.

    Open the Audio Input column, you will find four choices–None, System Sound, Microphone, Both System Sound and Microphone. Alternatively, you can record your own voice to make an explanation for your screencast. Apowersoft’s screen recorder can make a screencast with audio simultaneously.

    You can edit your screencast while it’s recording and you are allowed to highlight some parts with circles, rectangles, arrows or texts. If you want to delete unnecessary video, or insert a new video,or audio clips to decorate the screencast, you can use Apowersoft Video Editor to make it.

    That’s all.

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