• Looking for the fast way to download MP3 for BlackBerry

    Looking for the fast way to download MP3 for BlackBerry

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    I bought BlackBerry z30 several days ago. Since I’m a new user of BlackBerry, I don’t know much about it. My biggest question at this time is that I don’t have an idea about how to download free music to the phone. As a music addict, I really want to find great suggestions soon. Hope anyone can help me, thanks.

    Looking for the fast way to download MP3 for BlackBerry
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    Nowadays, all the BlackBerry smartphones equipped with great music player which allowed users to listen to songs in high quality. In this case, lots of users are desire to find an easy and efficient way to download free MP3 for BlackBerry. In fact, this is not a difficult task since we have so many available music downloader and apps. Here, based on my survey and self experience, I am going to share three most commonly used ways to get music for BlackBerry

    Site for Downloading MP3 for BlackBerry

    The first option is to draw support from the browser-based app – Video to MP3. It is a website, so you are able to access it on any computer operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. It has a large music database which lets you download music in any genres. Now, let’s learn the concrete way to use this MP3 downloader for BlackBerry:

    • Visit Video to MP3.
    • Click the “Search” tab, then type the song title or artist name into the search box.
    • Press “Enter” key, the matched result will show up. The simple information like quality, duration and size also will be displayed beside the song title.
    • Hit “Download” icon and select a target folder, the song download will start.
    • The downloaded songs are in MP3 format, so you just need to connect the BlackBerry to PC and transfer them directly.

    video to mp3 conversion

    Note: Please don’t download too many songs simultaneously, since it may lead to browser and even computer crash problem.

    Professional Software to Download MP3 to BlackBerry

    Another program that you can use to download music is Streaming Audio Recorder. As a desktop software, it is very stable so you don’t need to worry about causing problems on computer. It not only supports you to download songs on music sites, but also enables you to download music in radio, video game, podcast and etc. In short, it can record any sound that you hear from computer.

    • After downloading and installation, launch the software.
    • Click “Settings” to specify the output directory, format or others.
    • Play the music you like, then hit red “On” icon to begin to download MP3 for BlackBerry.
    • While downloading, you can “Pause” and “Resume” the process anytime. And, click “Off” when the music ends. In order to handle the process easier, it is suggested to preset the hotkeys. Then, you don’t need always go back to the software’s interface.
    • In the download list, you can right-click the file name to archive more features such as “Convert”. “Edit”, “Rename”, “Play” and “Add to playlist”.

    All right, you can send the songs to BlackBerry now. It is worth to mention that Streaming Audio Recorder also provides you the ability to search and download songs directly, so please choose your desired way to download MP3 with it.

    Simple BlackBerry Music Download App

    The above ways require you to go through two procedures – download and transfer, and some people may think they are not so convenient. If so, check Free Music Download, an app which lets you download MP3 on BlackBerry immediately.

    To use it, you should install it on your mobile at first. The app is light weight, so it won’t take too much space. Open the app, then follow the simple instructions to download MP3s. Basically, you only have to take two clicks – search and download. The downloaded files go to “Media” – “Music”, just find them there and play with the built-in music player. The app is totally free and safe, the only drawback is that it doesn’t have the “Play” function. Under this circumstance, you cannot know the music quality before downloading it.

    These are my recommendations, hope you can find a practical one successfully.

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