• logged in, but download not starting
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    logged in, but download not starting

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    1. I was able to sign in Apowersoft which I purchased. I pasted site names in the URL area and clicked download button, but the program does not start to download. Its downloading time was being counted, but actual downloading is not happening.

    2. Since I purchased this program, I changed my email address. Does this affecting its working?

    Your guiding will be appreciated.

    logged in, but download not starting
    Ada Reed
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    Hello, changing the email address has no effect on the downloading function as you said “Its downloading time was being counted”. As you do not have more specified info here, we cannot figure out the problem efficiently. Can you please tell us which software are you using to download videos and give us the video link that are not downloaded? We will test it and get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you. ?

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      • jubilater999 (author) : Thanks for your reply,

        I am using Apowersoft Video Download Capture v5.0.7. I am using this for few years, and recently I changed my email address from "jubilater100" to current one. Since then when I open this software and paste the sites name on the URL area and click download, but the actual downloading is not going on while the downloading time of this software is clicking.  So I wonder my different new email address is affecting badly.  Or why did it stop downloading?  Or should I buy a totally new program for new installation?

        Thanks for your helping.

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      • Ada Reed reply to jubilater999 : Hi, there is a newer version available. Please download it with this link (https://download.apowersoft.com/down.php?softid=vdcsaas). But one problem you will have after you install the new version is that the old license cannot be used on the new version because it is using a different activation method. You can contact with the support center (support@apowersoft.com) to fix the problem. 
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