• LG G3 not fully backed/restored up by Phone Manager.
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    LG G3 not fully backed/restored up by Phone Manager.

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    I had backed up my LG G3 using Phone Manager prior to performing a factory reset.  My phone had stopped syncing with Verizon and Google after the last Android push,  hence the need to perform a factory reset.  My phone  contained many QuickMemo+  files, multiple screens with dozens of Firefox links, apps, a calander with many appointments, screens containing shortcuts to URL links and pdf files.  It was an assumption that when I restored my phone from Phone Manager that it would be fully restored to the state it was in prior to the factory reset. My expectation was that the Phone Manager restoration would be like when I restore a Microsoft PC, everything on the PC is back to where it was when I made the backup. With my LG G3, it wasnt, and what was not restored are all the the QuickMemo+ files, the calander with appointments,  and all the screens with all the links and shortcuts.  What was restored were my pictures, movies, music, contacts, and Message+ text files, and many .pdf and .epub files.   But no custom screens with the shortcuts and links, and no calander with my appointments.  I use Verizons Cloud also but apparantly they dont back up the phone fully, and Google Drive, where I believe the calander and contacts get backed up automatically.  But since my phone stopped syncing with Google and Verizon three weeks ago I chose Apowersoft Phone Manager to locally backup my phone containing the current day settings and files.

    Does your Phone Manager fully backup and restore a phone in the way I believed it to work or did I obtain the wrong product for the job I intended ?   Im hoping you can guide me to where my missing files and settings are stored in the Apowersoft
    Phone Manager application on my PC.

    LG G3 not fully backed/restored up by Phone Manager.
    Ada Reed
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    I’m terribly sorry, Dave. Phone Manager doesn’t have the function to back up or restore your calendar and other things you mentioned. You may try this Android Data Recovery program to recover the lost files: /data-recovery-for-android. Thank you!

    LG G3 not fully backed/restored up by Phone Manager.

    Thanks for the reply. Your product information for Phone Manager leads the buyer to believe these features are backed up, as you state “Apowersoft Phone Manager offers an easy yet pro way to manage and transfer music, videos, photos, contacts, eBooks, SMS, apps, call logs, bookmarks, notes and other files between your computer and phones.”
    Its clear your product features list pasted above is misleading, as it infers notes, are backed up. In fact, it reads as if the whole phone is nacked up.

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      • Ada Reed : Hi, Dave. Sorry about it. But Phone Manager can manage and transfer all the files we state, which you can see on the interface of our program. As for the backup and restore function, when you click backup, you can clearly see all the files in the list which will be backed up on your computer. For any misleading, I'm very sorry. And I sincerely hope you can get back you lost files soon.If you need any help or have any question, don't hesitate to contact us at support@apowersoft.com. We will try our best to help! Thank you!
      • 2016-09-21 20:31 Reply
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