• Issues on how to easily download Last.fm radio?

    Issues on how to easily download Last.fm radio?

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    Ever since Pandora shut its door on international listeners, I have to give up my favorite music radio on it and look for other music radio providers. Fortunately, as an alternative to Pandora, Last.fm offers me a chance to enjoy Internet radio, various genres of music, along with many others. In case that my favorite music radio will be lost again, I decide to keep it, but I don’t know how to download Last.fm mp3. Anyone can help me?

    Issues on how to easily download Last.fm radio?
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    Last.fm, as the world’s largest music community, allows you to have the access to new music, nearby events and Internet radio etc. Social networking is the distinctive feature of this music-sharing provider, and it can help you to discovery new music by giving you recommendations for music that based on your taste. Moreover, you can get to know the person who gets the similar music taste to you.

    To fix Issues on how to download Last.fm mp3, you need to choose a proper audio recorder first which can help you to record the music radio you hear on the Internet. Here I will introduce three audio recorders for you to choose from.

    Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

    Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder enables you to record Last.fm music online for free saving you a lot of trouble to download and install software. There are five common formats supported by it including ogg, aac, mp3, wav and wma. With it, you can also create schedule task in advance in order to start recording at certain time you set automatically.

    Free Sound Recorder

    Free sound Reorder can help you to record any stream being played on your PC or sound coming through microphone, it also allows you to schedule sound recordings. However, it only supports four output formats and its interface is set to be always-on-top.

    Streaming Audio Recorder

    Streaming Audio Recorder is a powerful Last.fm radio recorder program with a friendly used interface. It enables you to record any sound you hear from the computer sound card and microphone, Last.fm music is no exception. With it, you do not need to worry about the recording quality since it can record sound without the loss of quality. More conveniently, you can directly listen to the music radio from a variety of genres.

    Detailed steps to record Last.fm music:

    • Download and Install the Streaming Audio Recorder.
    • Make your desired settings including general settings, record settings and download settings.

    Note: You can test whether system sound or microphone works well by clicking the Test button in Record settings.

    • Go to Last.fm.com and search for the Last.fm music you want to save.
    • Start the recording by clicking On, then play the Last.fm music you choose. Automatically, this recorder can skip the silent passages before recording.
    • Click the Off button to stop the recording. In this way, this Last.fm radio Recorder can record the whole music track successfully.

    Surely you are a music-lover, for the fear that you cannot access Last.fm, here I will recommend two music-sharing websites to you as alternatives to Last.fm.


    TuneIn allows users to listen to radio covering music, news, sports and many others from every corner of the earth. It does not restricted to specific country, users in most countries around the world are able to enjoy the fun and ease brought by TuneIn.


    Spotify is often seem as the best free music service available today. It’s a music streaming service that gives you the access to millions of songs. While, like Pandora, Spotify also has country restriction, users who live in USA, Spain, the UK and parts of Europe are allowed to enjoy the service brought by Spotify.

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