• Is VDC no longer supported?

    Is VDC no longer supported?

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    I have been using VDC for a couple of years now and noticed that fewer and fewer youtube videos would be able to download (Im assuming its because the youtube programing has changed so I decided to upgrade my VDC) This I should not have done because my licence key will not work on the newer version and I even sent in the request for my licence key thinking I had it incorrect but that would not work as well. I have contacted support 4 times now via their email and messaged them multiple times on their facebook page but no reply and I have been doing it for over a month now. Anyway I cannot get my older version of VDC back on my PC as I cannot find a link to download an older version such as 4 or I cannot use my key on a 5.0.3. Please help I need to download some classes hat I need to take and need VDC. you can email me at derekharkins@rocketmail.com

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