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    Is it possible to fix VidtoMP3 not working problem?

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    VidtoMP3 fails to convert YouTube videos to MP3 sometimes, so I wonder if it is possible to fix this issue. Also, I’m willing to try other sites like vidtoMP3. Do you have some suggestions?


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    Since people’s demand of converting video to MP3 is increasing, VidtoMP3 and the similar services are getting more and more popular. People love to use VidtoMP3 for it is simple, quick and effective. If you wish to extract MP3 from an online video, all you need to do is to enter the video URL to download field on VidtoMP3 homepage, click “Download” button and save the MP3 to destination folder.

    The whole process is clean and free. After trying it, no one will deny it is a good application. However, VidtoMP3 also comes with some problems:

    • VidtoMP3 works rather slowly, it takes long time to convert a video.
    • VidtoMP3 not working sometimes. After hitting “Download”, the notice shows up and tells you “Sorry, the link you provided is invalid. Please try another URL”.
    • VidtoMP3 puts too much adverts on the site, picture and video ads pop up frequently.

    Perhaps you have already met the above problems, then in order to convert video to MP3 successfully, it is necessary to find helpful solutions.

    Solution 1: Make settings on web browser

    If the site fails to proceed the conversion smoothly, I suggest you to clean the browser cache firstly. It is very easy to do that, enter “Setting” menu of browser, then choose “Delete History” and clear cache options. Later on, close the browser and reopen it again. All right, you can utilize VidtoMP3 again, the site will work normal in most situations.

    Another suggestion is, you have better update your browser to latest version because online applications always cannot compatible with outdated browsers.

    Solution 2: Take advantage of VidtoMP3 Alternative Tools

    If the first solution does not work for you, you still have other options, for example, try other video to MP3 converters. Below are some recommendations for you:

    1. Apowersoft Free Video to MP3

    Generally speaking, Apowersoft Video to MP3 is a multi-function tool online. With it, you can convert video to audio with URL, search and download MP3, convert local file to other formats. To use it, please follow the simple instructions:

    • Go to visit the page, tap “Convert from Web”.
    • Find the video which contains you wanted audio, and then copy the video link address.
    • Input video URL to the designated space and press “Convert” tab.
    • Select output format as MP3 and right-click “Download” to download MP3.

    Once done, the output folder will open automatically, you can find the downloaded audio there. Better than VidtoMP3, this site is more stable and feasible. It is also free, while commercial ads won’t appear when converting a video. In addition, you are enabled to covert video to various kinds of formats and qualities.

    2. FetchMP3

    Among all the websites like VidtoMP3, FetchMP3 is also an outstanding one. The function and operation are the same as VidtoMP3. And, except downloading MP3 with URL, this site also allows you to get MP3 in another way – replace the site domain with “SaveMedia.com” in the address bar, then press “Enter” key to begin MP3 conversion process. Another function of FetchMP3 is, you can check the newly downloaded videos on the homepage directly. In this case, you can discover more cool audio and catch up the latest trend.

    3. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

    It is an online recorder which is capable of recording audio from computer soundcard and microphone. As an audio recorder, it works different from VidtoMP3 similar sites. Namely, you should download MP3 by recording. Don’t worry about it, it is also very simple and convenient to do. Click “Start Recording” on online recorder page to load the program. After the interface shows up, hit “Audio Input” and choose “System Sound”. Next, enter “Options” menu and customize the hotkeys. Now, you can play the video and press corresponding hotkeys to start, pause, resume and stop to record MP3. After recording, the tool will auto-identify the audio information and add ID3 tag to it. In this case, the audio files will be well organized.

    Except these apps, there are other good VidtoMP3 alternative tools, just choose the suitable one for yourself.



    I know that this will automatically add the ID3 tags, but will it let me manually edit them? I like to make my own compilations and that would be a really good feature of the software.


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    Thanks for your question.
    Apowersoft free online audio recorder is a smart tool, so you can edit ID3 information easily.
    Below is the detailed instruction:

    • In the recorded menu, right click the file you want to edit.
    • A small menu will show up, select “Edit Track Info”.
    • In the small window, enter the Title, Artist, Album, Genre. Or, click “Add” button to add a cover for the song.
    • Later, click “Save” to confirm your edits.

    That’s it. Just add the ID3 tags with ease.



    Thanks for your information.
    Free video to mp3 is great, but it cannot convert Facebook audio.
    Any other way to get mp3 from Facebook?


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    Actually, the Facebook MP3 can be converted by Free Video to MP3 successfully, just take advantage of a little trick.

    1. Open the Facebook video which contains the audio you want.

    2. Copy the webpage URL. Please note, you only need the part which before the “&set=”.

    3. Paste the URL into assigned area on Free Video to MP3, click “Convert” button.

    4. After processing, customize the target format and folder.

    When the download finishes, the output folder will pop up on your desktop immediately. You can listen to Facebook MP3 offline now, give it a shot.

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