• Is it possible to download songs from Music Unlimited free?

    Is it possible to download songs from Music Unlimited free?

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    I want to save Sony Music Unlimited songs to PC and transfer them to my MP3 player. The site requires payment for downloading music, but my budget is limited. Can I use any free downloader to download Music Unlimited?

    Is it possible to download songs from Music Unlimited free?
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    Owned by Sony Entertainment, Music Unlimited provides the on-demand music service which lets users enjoy its music on PC, PSP, iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Better than some music sites which only can be accessed from American countries, this service also can be accessed in Europe, South America and a part of Asian countries. Thus, it gains a large amount of users in these years rapidly. Music Unlimited allows free listening and sharing, but only premium members are able to download music from Music Unlimited. To the listeners who don’t wish to pay extra money, it is better to utilize free music download manager. So here just demonstrates how to save Music Unlimited songs by recording.

    Free Ways to Record Tracks on Unlimited Music

    Solution 1 – Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder

    It is an amazing tool which supports to record music from streaming sites, radio programs, blogs and videos effortlessly. You can trust it since it is really workable and clean. Most of free programs give annoying ads, but this audio recorder doesn’t show popups or confusing buttons. Besides, the usage is quite understandable, now take several clicks to download songs from Music Unlimited:

    • Launch this app by clicking “Start Recording” on this page: http://www.apowersoft.com/free-audio-recorder-online.
    • Select “OK” on Java window, then the app will be loaded.
    • On the interface, customize the “Audio Input” as “System Sound”. In addition, I suggest you to choose the according item in “Tools” – “Options” to skip the silent parts when recording audio. In doing so, you can filter useless silent passages.
    • Play the song on Music Unlimited, and hit “Record” and “Stop” icons to manage the recording task.
    • When it’s done, right click on the file and choose “Open Folder” to find its location. Okay, it’s time to transfer music to MP3 player.

    Tips: While recording, make sure the music is the only audio source playing on your computer. Otherwise, you might record some noises or unrelated sound together.

    Pros: Free, intuitive and 100% clean. It has no recording duration restriction.
    Cons: Lacks of sophisticated functions and not compatible with Mac OS.

    Solution 2: Audacity

    Audacity is a famous music tool which can be utilized on Windows, Mac, Linux and other operating systems. It is mainly used for editing audio files, but it also comes with the recording feature. Let’s see how to conduct Music Unlimited songs download with it now.

    The first thing is to download and install this program on your computer. Next, open Audacity and listen to the track you like. Click the red icon, then the recording will begin. The blue icon stands for pause, and yellow icon stands for stop. Click a button at the time when it’s needed. After recording Music Unlimited, choose “File” – “Save Project as” to save the recorded file. If it is necessary, you can edit the audio by using various functions of this program.

    Pros: Equipped with a bunch of functions for recording and editing.
    Cons: Interface is not so straightforward and it needs encoder to export MP3 file.

    Another Available Method to Download from Music Unlimited

    Now we find that above two methods have their shortcomings. Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder can be used by Windows users only, and Audacity requires third-party tool to record MP3 music. Actually, it is possible to overcome these issues by making use of Streaming Audio Recorder.

    Tap the above green button, then follow the instructions to download and install this software. After that, run it and configure settings to record music in high quality. Hit “Settings” on the interface, specify format as “MP3” – “320kbps”, click “Ok”. All right, now press the red icon to download music from Music Unlimited. Later, hit the same icon again to stop recording. To enjoy the tracks, double click and play them with the inlaid music player.

    This software is suitable for users who wish to get many additional functions such as convert, extract, edit, download MP3s and even play Internet radios.

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