• Is it possible to download music from NPR?

    Is it possible to download music from NPR?

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    I often listen to the radio and music playlists on NPR and also want to download the songs off the site. Since NPR doesn’t offer the download service, I’m looking for a workable NPR music downloader now. Anyone can give me some advices?

    Is it possible to download music from NPR?
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    NPR Music is a fast-growing site which lets users listen to the songs, radio programs, playlist and watch MTVs free. This site designed several distinctive sections – First Listen provides the new albums, Studio Sessions updates the live performances and All Songs Considered releases the hot playlist every week. According to your music taste, you can always find the desired songs easily. However, just like similar streaming music sites, it doesn’t allow direct music downloads. In this case, many people want to get an efficient program to download NPR audio.

    Next, I will share two ways to download from NPR Music. You can compare and choose the suitable one.

    Free Way to Download NPR Songs

    The first tool you can utilize is Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder – a free application which supports to record internet radio, streaming music, podcast and other audio resources simply. It is web-based so you don’t have to sign up or install extra addon before using it.

    • Open the browser, go to Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder page and hit “Start Recording” to activate it.
    • On the interface, select “System Sound” in “Audio Input”. Hit “Options” to customize the audio formats. It is suggested to record audio in commonly used MP3.
    • Play radio or song on NPR. Press “Start” button on recorder to start to download music from NPR by recording, then click “Stop” to end recording.
    • Open local folder to find the music, play it on computer or transfer it to portable players.

    This audio recorder comes with an ID identifier which helps to tag the song title, artist name, year and genre while recording music. Thus, it is easy for you to manage and organize the songs. The only drawback is, this method may be time consuming if you record lots of songs because you have to play the whole song.

    Fast Way to Proceed NPR Music Downloads

    Assuming that you want to extract audio from music videos, Video Download Capture is highly recommended. This software is able to download MP3s via URL, so it is unnecessary to take time for playing songs. Basically, you need to go through two procedures to download songs from NPR. Now, download and install this software to get started.

    Part 1: Download NPR Music Videos

    Launch the NPR music downloader. Copy the link address of NPR music videos and paste it into software’s URL bar. Click “Add to Download” button, the built-in browser will show up. While the video is playing in browser, it will be detected and added to download.

    Part 2: Convert NPR MTV to Audio

    After video download completes, right-click on the file and select “Add to Convert” in the menu. You will be lead to the converter interface, just hit “Profile” to set target format. In the list, choose “To Audio” – “MP3” or others and then convert the file.

    That’s done, downloaded audio will be stored in destination folder. Compared to the first way, it is quicker and smarter. You are capable of downloading and converting songs in batch, and the process won’t affect other operations on computer. However, the steps to download NPR audio may be a little complicated for new users.

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