• Is it possible to download movies from movie2k?

    Is it possible to download movies from movie2k?

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    I know there’s a download button on movie2k.to, the point is I don’t want to download videos in that way. The site redirect me to another community and ask me to sign up, I think it is not safe. Do you have some better ideas on how to download videos from movie2k? Thanks in advance.

    Is it possible to download movies from movie2k?
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    Movie2k is a free platform to watch movies on the Internet. You can find classical movies and new movies which have just been shown in the cinema. Viewers don’t have to go outside or spend even a cent to watch a movie. After all, we all know that producers have made too many meaningless movies in recent years. Though the qualities of some movie2k videos are undesirable, it saves you from buying a ticket and then watch a poor film. Probably, that’s why movie2k loved by majority of netizens.

    In order to download movies from movie2k, you should get an account on the movie nation first. I don’t know whether it is safe or not, but for protecting your computer, I recommend you to use a totally clean movie2k downloader. The operations are quite simple, below are the detailed steps.

    1. Install Video Download Capture on your PC.
    2. When you use it for the first time, click Options to customize the destination folder.
    3. Go to movie2k.to, find the movie which you want and you are allowed to watch it on different platforms like Stream2k, Clicktoview, Divxstage and Movshare etc.
    4. Once the video begins to play, Video Download Capture will download videos from movie2k automatically.

    Tips: Generally, the movies last for an hour and a half to two hours, so the size of videos will be large. Perhaps it costs much time to download a movie. However, you can play the video with inlaid player while downloading.

    The output format of downloaded movies is FLV. It’s a pity that this kind of media type is not compatible with Android phones, iPhone, iPad, PSP and other gadgets. For enjoying movies on the go, you can do some conversion jobs. All you need to do is import movies to built-in converter of the video downloader, select target format as to MP4 and then convert them immediately. You can rest assured that this is the quick and safe way to download movie2k.to movies to portable devices.

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